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A Medieval labyrinth, one of the best known of its type, is inlaid in the floor of the Chartres Cathedral in France.

According to scholars, labyrinths offer one pathway that leads inexorably from the entrance to the goal, although by the most complicated and winding routes.
Labyrinths & Mazes Resource Centre
The Federal courts have compared the task of immigrants and their lawyers to navigating a labyrinth. Litigants must weave a complex tapestry of evidence, then juxtapose and reconcile it with the voluminous and sometimes inconsistent and ever changing administrative and court precedent. "These factors and related legal requirements are daunting enough for a seasoned immigration lawyer….It is no wonder we have observed with only a small degree of hyperbole, the immigration laws [are]…second only to the Internal Revenue Code in complexity. A lawyer is often the only person who could thread the labyrinth." Baltazar-Alcazar, 386 F.3d 940, 947-48 (9th Cir.2004).



Karen Gilbert Law
1001 Fourth Avenue, Suite 3200
Seattle, WA 98154
(206) 464-1908

Directions from I-5 South

  1. Head south on I-5 S toward Exit 165A
  2. Take exit 165A to Columbia St
  3. Turn right at Columbia St
  4. Turn right at the 2nd cross street onto 4th Ave

  5. (Destination will be on the left)

Directions from I-5 North

  1. Head north on I-5 N toward Exit 164A
  2. Take exit 164A for Dearborn St toward James St/Madison St
  3. Keep left to continue toward 7th Ave, follow signs for I-5 N/Vancouver B C/Madison St/Convention Center to merge onto 7th Ave
  4. Turn left at Madison St
  5. Turn right at 4th Ave

  6. (Destination will be on the left)
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